Canine rehabilitation and physical therapy involves utilizing hands-on practices similar to those used in humans to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, improve mobility secondary to injuries and arthritis, relieve chronic pain, weight loss, and more! The goal of the veterinarians at Four Paws Animal Hospital is to customizing physical therapy protocols that are unique to your dog. No dog is the same, therefore, every treatment should reflect the patient's individual differences. 

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Underwater Treadmill

Hydrotherapy is the use of an underwater treadmill to strengthen and re-educate a patient’s limbs. The buoyancy of the water allows for the strengthening of patient’s muscles with little or no pressure on painful joints. The warmth of the water helps increase the flexibility, mobility and contractility of muscles while also increasing circulation. This tool is often used for return post-surgical patient to exercise sooner, strengthening of supportive muscles surrounding painful/arthritic joints and weight loss. The ability to control the speed, water resistance and depth allows therapists to improve a patient’s range of motion, weight bearing status and fitness. This is especially helpful in patients with neurologic conditions that are unable to walk or stand without assistance and patients with muscle loss from during surgical recovery or a chronic injury.

Therapeutic Laser

​Therapeutic laser, also known as cold laser, is the use of light energy to stimulate tissue repair and provide pain management. The technology utilizes specific wavelengths of light to stimulate tissues at the cellular level. This stimulation leads to an increase in cellular metabolism and improved circulation resulting in decreased inflammation and the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers. The therapeutic laser can be used for several conditions including management of post-operative pain and inflammation, musculoskeletal injuries, back pain, osteoarthritis and wound healing.